Top 10 Reasons for JVG Success

  1. Proven Track Record. JVG has achieved all five of JAG’s performance goals for 16 consecutive years and has been recognized as a Top 3 High Performing State Organization.
  2. JVG Targets the “right” people for services.  At-risk and disadvantaged students, ages 15-21, are eligible to receive services through program applications.
  3. JVG Makes a Difference.  Since 1998, JVG has served over 12,000 students in 32 local school divisions.  Every student counts!  JVG is a ray of hope for improving the quality of education in Virginia.
  4. High Return on Investment.  The JVG Board of Directors insists upon the operation of an effective program.  The average cost per participant is $1200 for the in-school phase of the program which is paid back after 14 months of employment through payroll taxes.
  5. Integrity of the JAG Model.  The national affiliation with Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) provides a 33 – year proven model which is used to implement and evaluate the program.
  6. Accountability.  Computerized tracking of participants served, services delivered, and performance outcomes provide JVG with a vehicle holding the program accountable for achieving JAG MODEL outcomes.
  7. Active Board of Directors.  JVG utilizes an oversight board whose members include key leaders in business, education, labor, and community.
  8. Twelve Months of Follow-up Services.  Program participants receive 12 months of program services after graduation, including guidance, job and/or school placements, and positive change of status.
  9. JVG Teaches Success.  Since 1998, JVG has averaged over 95% graduation rate and a 96% positive outcome rate.  JVG students thrive in the supportive environment provided by the JAG Model.
  10. Make a Statement that you are committed to the future of Virginia.  JVG is the solution to the economic and social costs associated with the vexing problems of high school dropouts.