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Paige, 20

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“ Jobs for Virginia Graduates prepared me for this job by teaching me the correct way to respond in an interview, how to dress for success, how to correctly build my resume, and other skills that were able to help me transition from school to work. Now the job that I have has given me the opportunity to gain on the job experiences, its given me an insight on to what I can do with furthering my career, and it is giving me the chance to save up for my future. I’ve been able to gain a greater level of confidence by taking what I had learned in JVG and applying the skills to ensure that my work is done correctly and in a professional manner.”


Andy, 18

"Because of JVG I earned my high school diploma and completed my Masonry training in May 2020. I moved back to his home state of Mississippi to be with family.  My determination and positive attitude have led me to successfully work part-time with Four Fountains Apartments while also attending classes at Meridian Community College to pursue a career in Industrial Maintenance."

Chad, 18

 "I just got a job at a company called Service Center Metals! I am a forklift operator and I'm making 55k a year plus benefits and a 401k and I am loving it so far! I feel like I am very prepared and I feel like you [Ms. Breslin's JVG class] has had a part to do with that in preparing me for life with your guidance in your classes! Within the next year or two, I plan on getting my own fixer-upper and repairing it with my grandfather and I'm so excited!"

Jade, 18

Jade Strudifen, Manchester High School JVG, was hired this summer by Evonik Corporation after a strenuous application and interview process.  This process was very competitive as she was up against 2 other graduating seniors from the county.  Jade’s poise, confidence, and resume were stellar and the HR directors were able to see that she had the right ingredients for this career opportunity.