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Jobs for America's Graduates



Andy, 18

 Roanoke, VA

"Because of JVG I earned my high school diploma and completed my Masonry training in May 2020. I moved back to my home state of Mississippi to be with family. " 

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Paige, 20
Midlothian, VA

Chad, 18

Prince George, VA

“I’ve been able to gain a greater level of confidence by taking what I had learned in JVG and applying the skills to ensure that my work is done correctly and in a professional manner.”

Jade, 18

Midlothian, VA

 "I just got a job at a company called Service Center Metals! I am a forklift operator and I'm making 55k a year plus benefits and a 401k and I am loving it so far!"


Jade Strudifen, Manchester High School JVG, was hired this summer by Evonik Corporation after a strenuous application and interview process. This process was very competitive as she was up against 2 other graduating seniors from the county.  

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